Did Shakib Al Hasan insult Sehwag..!? What really happened?

Former bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan lost the game by a few runs after a poor shot against south africa in the t20 world cup cricket match. In this situation, Shakib Al Hasan played aggressively in the match against the netherlands team and seeded the team's victory. SShakib Al Hasan scored 64 runs off 46 balls. In the press conference held after this, Sehwag criticized him severely and asked what he was going to answer now. Shakib Al Hasan asked who asked the question. Immediately, the Bangladeshi fans accused the media of misrepresenting it. Bangladeshi fans responded that Shakib Al Hasan did not ask who Sehwag was but asked who made such an allegation.
 Also reacting to Sehwag's allegation, Shakib Al Hasan said that a player should not play to answer other people's questions. A player's main job is to play for the team's success. If you are a batsman, you have to score runs. If you are a bowler, you have to bowl. If you are a fielder you should catch as many catches as you can. Stop as many runs as you can. If that player is not able to contribute to the team's success, then surely various discussions and criticisms will arise. He replied that he had never thought it wrong. But our people are accusing shakibul hasan that he has spoken ill of Sehwag.

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