Traveling to USA from Chennai..!? Wait for 2 years?

Candidates who choose chennai for visa interviews may have to wait more than two years for the interview. The US is taking additional steps to reduce visa wait times for Indians, including transferring employees from other sectors around the world to visa offices in India. india is one of the very few countries that has seen a huge surge in applications for US visas since the lifting of coronavirus-related travel restrictions. But while the long wait for visa interviews to travel to the US has changed in most consulates in india, the situation has not changed in chennai alone. While waiting times in mumbai (332 days) and kolkata (357 days) have come down to under a year, applicants opting for chennai for a visa interview may have to wait two years, or 680 days to be precise, for a B1/B2 visa interview.

In New delhi, the US Embassy has the shortest wait for business and tourist visa appointments – 247 days.

Waiting period for F-1 student visas:
Kolkata: 78 days
Mumbai: 73 days
Delhi: 74 days
Chennai: 58 days
 The US Embassy in india processed more than 1 lakh applications in january 2023, and in 2022, the US issued 125,000 student visas, more than any other year.

Applying from a third country:
But for those who for some reason cannot wait for the visa interview, there is an emergency help called third-country national processing (TCN) visa processing. A third-country national visa is a visa application or visa received from a US embassy in a country other than your home country.
Special saturday interview:

As part of efforts to reduce wait times for visa interviews, the US Embassy in delhi and Consulates in mumbai, chennai, and hyderabad conducted "Special saturday Interviews" on january 21, and the US plans to conduct more such interviews in the future. It will continue to open up "extra slots" for appointments on selected Saturdays in the coming months. Between january and march 2023, to increase visa processing capacity, dozens of temporary consular officers from Washington and other embassies arrived in India. The American Mission in india issued 2,50,000 additional B1/B2 interviews. While B1 is a business visa, B-2 is a tourist visa. It is also worth noting that the consulate in mumbai has extended its weekday working hours.

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