Smart Compose for quick replies and grammar check!!!

You must have seen a feature called Smart Compose on Gmail. While writing this email, it suggests you complete sentences according to the next line. It uses artificial intelligence to help you write your email drafts quickly, with perfect grammar. This saves us a lot of time. Gmail and Android messaging apps also have the feature of quick replies. This also runs on AI. For example, when a message comes on WhatsApp, a quick reply option appears along with the notification. By tapping on it an immediate reply can be sent. Not only this, AI is also used in google Docs. Many people write stories, articles and much more on google Docs. google uses its AI technology to help users write without mistakes.

AI takes over social media, e-commerce websites, OTT platforms

No matter how much you try to run away from it, AI has a big role in social media. AI interferes with your every decision on social media. What will be visible on your timeline, and which notification will come, all be decided by AI. It takes into account your past behaviour, internet searches, things you liked, videos you watched and much more. Based on this data it creates a special feed for you. Its sole purpose is to keep visiting these platforms again and again.

Not only on social media, the same thing happens on Amazon too. When you search for something on an e-commerce website, whatever things are recommended to you are done according to AI.   Even the movies or shows you see on Netflix are selected according to your preferences with the help of AI. Meaning, that AI keeps an eye on your every move on platforms like social media, amazon, and Netflix. Shows you things according to your likes and dislikes. Due to this, these apps attract us and we keep using them.

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