How are AI and deepfakes being used?

Apart from photo videos, leaders are also using these tools in many ways. For example, there is software with the help of which a political party can call hundreds of thousands simultaneously and tell them about the work done and the work to be done in future. Not only this, if people ask some questions, answers can also be given through automatic machine learning so that it seems as if you are talking to a real person.

Deepfaker Divyendra said that this software is also very dangerous. If it falls into the hands of a fraud person, all he has to do is change one prompt and the entire conversation will change. For example, ransom can be demanded from a person by scaring or threatening him. If even one person among 10,000 people gets influenced by his words, then it is their benefit. Therefore this is also a big challenge.

Deepfaker Divyendra revealed that some people also do this by taking someone's photo from social media and then superimposing that person's face on a nude photo. In this way they are then blackmailed. These pictures are sold for only Rs 50-100. Some people also do this to take revenge from their partner. Now there is no need for anyone to do illegal work. Let's do it ourselves. You can make 10 premium videos by spending 5 dollars on any AI website. Therefore, it is very important to make a law on this. If a law is not made now then it will regulate us later.

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