Strange incident..! The plane traveled for 13 hours in mid-air...!?

The flight that departed from dubai to new zealand traveled for 13 hours and landed back in Dubai. The Emirates flight took off from dubai airport in the United Arab Emirates at 10.30 am last friday towards auckland, New Zealand. Emirates' longest-haul route is between dubai and Auckland. The travel time between dubai and auckland is 16 hours. In this case, the flight took off towards auckland and crossed half the distance. However, due to the heavy rain in new zealand, auckland airport was flooded. As a result, the aircraft was unable to land on the runway. Officers in the airport control room told the captain of an Emirates flight en route to auckland that the runway at auckland airport was flooded and that the plane was unable to land. Subsequently, the captain turned the plane back in mid-air as he could not land the plane at auckland halfway and returned to Dubai. Then, after a few more hours of travel, the Emirates flight to auckland landed safely at dubai airport itself. The flight spent a total of 13 hours in mid-air. The flight, which traveled for 13 hours, landed again at the dubai airport from where it took off. After the cancellation of the flight to auckland due to heavy rains, the Emirates flight again took off from dubai last sunday after the situation improved a bit. This time the flight landed safely in new zealand after traveling for 16 hours.

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