SHOCKING..! Free Condom for Valentine's Day Special...!?

The Thai government has decided to provide condoms as a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and prevent pregnancy at a young age. The Southeast Asian country of thailand has been a very popular tourist destination. thailand is also a popular destination for special days.
In this case, on february 14, Valentine's Day is seen as a day to celebrate lovers all over the world.
Thailand government Scheme:
Meanwhile, the Thai government plans to distribute 9.5 million free condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy to advise on safe sex before Valentine's Day. Accordingly, from february 1 (yesterday), universal health cardholders will be eligible to receive 10 condoms per week for one year, Thai government spokesperson Rachada Thanadrek said in a statement on Tuesday. Condoms are reportedly available at pharmacies and hospitals. Bloomberg news agency reported the related information. Also, the government of the country has decided to give away 95 million condoms for free on Valentine's Day.
February 14:
February 14 is the day the whole world turns red. It is the day when people spend a lot of money on food, sweets, flowers, and gifts to express their love and celebrate their relationship. Why is this february week so important? It is certainly surprising how this day has become a connecting point to the extent that it has become a business day that connects the entire world. Let's see the history of this day.

The day is celebrated in honor of the third-century Roman saint Valentine. His escape from the Roman Empire and his secret marriage to a Christian couple led to his death sentence. Subsequently, the day is widely believed to have evolved into Valentine's Day.

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