In the guise of tradition, Chinese society, like that of India, has a lot of dos and don'ts. Because of the one-child policy, older Chinese women were stigmatized as leftover women and deemed unsuited for marriage for many years. But it appears like the clock has completed a full rotation. In order to maintain their dignity during family gatherings, social outings, etc., more and more Chinese men are now choosing the "Rent a girlfriend" concept and paying $145 each day. 

As males strive to avoid pressure from family and friends, there has been a significant rise in the number of websites where women offer themselves for "rent." In certain instances, the males are gay and desire to flaunt a woman. There is a potential website for this service. Apart from the monetary exchange, it's typically a fairly platonic arrangement. One female admits that over the Lunar New Year, she earned about $5800 each day. On certain days, the girls occasionally get to interact with multiple people. 

As time goes on or if the females are asked to perform "something else" like kissing or intercourse, the fees rise. Normally, the asking price for rent is 1000 Yuan, plus 350 Yuan for travel and an additional 500 Yuan up front. Indeed, as the times change, so do societies and their requirements. While many Chinese young men "rent" girlfriends, some believe it would be better to come out as single.

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