The most recent statistics shows that twitter Blue has only made $11 million in mobile subscriptions since the service's inception three months ago, despite Elon Musk's desire for all twitter users to pay for Blue badges. The adoption of Blue service "has been fairly underwhelming," according to a TechCrunch article that cited data from app intelligence company Sensor Tower.

Although $11 million is a minor sum, it should be noted that web-based subscriptions are not included in this calculation. The statistics are to the 20 markets where Blue has been available as of this week, according to the research. Based on in-app purchases made through Twitter's mobile apps, Sensor Tower data. Twitter's Blue service with verification is now available everywhere, and the old checkmarks will vanish on april 1. This action may increase Twitter's revenue in the future.

The microblogging service no longer shares information about its daily and monthly active users. It has long since reported 238 million daily active users who are monetizable. Neither twitter nor Musk has yet to respond to the Blue service data. According to Musk, twitter will start removing all of the historical Blue verified checkmarks on april 1 for both individual users and businesses. For individual users, twitter Blue in india would cost Rs 9,400 per year (or Rs 900 per month). twitter Blue is now accessible to all users, and if they join up using a web browser, they may become Blue Verified for just $7 per month.

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