First-Ever S*X championship Competition - S*X As A Sport!!!

The first-ever s*x competition is set to take place early next week in Sweden, which has recognised sex as a sport. The eagerly awaited european S*x championship will take place on june 8 under the supervision of the Swedish S*x Federation.

Participants in this challenge will be required to undergo daily s*xual encounters that can last up to six hours. At least one solo match will go for 40 to 45 minutes. The competitors will be tested in a range of areas, such as oral s*x, penetration, understanding of the erogenous zones, and foreplay.

The competition's winners will be decided by a panel of judges, but there's a twist: spectators at these matches will also have an influence on the outcome. A couple's communication abilities, their degree of endurance, their chemistry, and their s*x education will all be taken into account by the judges and the public.

Participants should be familiar with all of the laws and s*xual artistry that are discussed in the Kamasutra. The more clearly these players can exhibit Kamasutra's norms and regulations in the s*xual act they are required to do, the more points they will receive. Competitors in the Swedish s*x competition must be able to show off their knowledge and skill in s*x.

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