These well-known film families' leading men frequently remix the songs of their more experienced peers. Remixing songs by their elders, like Jr. ntr and ram Charan did, as well as other stars who had no link to them, is a common practise. The most recent news is that Nandamuri Kalyanram will once more join this remix gang, as he previously did.

The song "Arey O Samba" by Baabai balakrishna from Lorry driver (1990) was then remixed by ram -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kalyan ram for the film Pataas. And now the actor is rumoured to have chosen a new remix for his upcoming movie "Amigos," in which he would be romancing kannada beauty Ashika Ranganath. Superhit song "Enno Ratrulostayi Gani" comes from the 1992 film dharma Kshetram starring Balayya. This is Kalyanram's second attempt at a Nandamuri remake song.

As the movie is scheduled for release on february 10, this song preview is now becoming viral. It was shot in such a sensual manner that young people will go absolutely crazy for kannada siren Ashika. One remix song might occasionally provide a high, but they can also have a bad rap for degrading the original. Let's wait and see. On january 29 at 5:09 PM, the complete song will be released.

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