Some experts are debating whether a 4-day workweek would be advantageous as concerns about a recession in the economy grow. The typical workweek in the united states is 5 days long right now, but if it were to be shortened by one more day, the weekend would be longer. This might motivate workers to take time off, which would cause their attention to shift from work to pleasure.

On the other hand, the expanding AI revolution has raised concerns that millions of jobs could be lost, resulting in a protracted and severe recession. This concern is best demonstrated by the appearance of AI-powered models like ChatGPT. If people only work four days a week, artificial intelligence (AI) may fill in on the other three, further diminishing the need for human labour.

The number of jobs in many industries has already decreased as a result of earlier technical developments like ATMs and mobile devices, and the development of AI poses a threat to further accelerate this trend. However, some younger workers view the 4-day workweek as a chance to use the extra three days to pursue other businesses or career options. This might increase the number of people who work several jobs or moonlight. If multinational organisations in the united states switch to a 4-day workweek, other businesses, including their subsidiaries abroad, might do the same.

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