Modi gives special reaction to Rajinikanth – Video goes viral!?

A video of prime minister Modi asking Rajinikanth if he is fine after attending the inauguration of the ram temple in ayodhya is going viral on social media. The consecration ceremony of the grand ram temple in ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, has been completed grandly, and the nation is mesmerized by it. Film stars, political leaders, industrialists, and cricket celebrities participated in this Kumbabhishek ceremony presided over by prime minister Narendra Modi. Superstar Rajinikanth and playback singer Shankar mahadevan from the tamil film industry were present. sachin tendulkar, ravindra Jadeja, Anil Kumble, venkatesh Prasad, and Mithali raj were also present. Cinema, industrialists, and cricket greats were given front-row seats at the event. sachin tendulkar was sitting next to Rajinikanth's seat. A photo of the two together went viral on social media.

On the one hand, Rajinikanth had also taken his wife Lata and elder brother Satyanarayana with him to the ayodhya Kumbabhishek ceremony. But only Rajini was allotted front-row seats. His family was not allotted a place. After talking to the organizers of the ceremony, they have been assigned a seat where the VIPs sit. It was in this situation that prime minister Modi bowed his hands during the Kumbabhishek ceremony as a welcoming event.
A video of Modi seeing Rajinikanth, inquiring about his health and paying special respect to him is going viral on social media. It is noteworthy that amitabh bachchan has also spoken in the same way.

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