Dhanush's two sons, Linga and yatra, attended the pre-release event of 'Captain Miller,' showcasing a family moment amid rumours of dhanush and Aishwarya's reported separation. dhanush, adhering to tamil tradition, donned a white panache and shirt for prayers at the event. The eldest son, Linga, and the youngest, yatra, were present, sitting on either side of Dhanush.

The event captured the affectionate bond between dhanush and his sons, with a heartwarming display of familial love. The trio sat together, creating a beautiful and memorable sight. Similarly, during the audio ceremony of 'Lal Salaam,' directed by aishwarya Rajinikanth, yatra and Linga joined their mother. The photos from these events portray a united family front despite any reported differences.

In terms of appearance, yatra shares similarities with his father, dhanush, showcasing features reminiscent of his dad. The photos highlight Dhanush's distinctive facial features, including his nose, ears, and eyes. On the other hand, Linga exhibits a simplicity similar to his father, capturing Dhanush's signature style and demeanor.

The images draw attention to the family dynamics, emphasizing the unity between dhanush and his sons during public events. Notably, the absence of aishwarya in the photos is highlighted, perhaps indicating separate frames or angles captured during the events.

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