Railways helped a girl within 20 minutes after the complaint..!?

indian Railways is one of the leading railways. Millions of people use the train every day for their daily use for long distance and quick travel. Keeping in mind the welfare of the passengers, the railway department operates various types of trains for every category of passengers. Starting from the railway station, the railways provide many services so that the passengers do not face any inconvenience in every compartment of the train. In particular, the train ticket booking system should be specified. irctc site is the most visited site by netizens. However, it is impossible not to use it and benefit from it.
In that way, the incident that happened to a young woman on a train trip has now made netizens upset again. It happened that the elder sister of the victim passenger reported the incident at X site, and within 20 minutes, the railway security personnel rushed in and resolved the problem for the victim passenger. As usual, the security guards of the railway department quickly resolved the issue, but some have criticized the poor planning of the railway department as the reason behind this. Let us see this in detail.The incident took place on an express train running from Yog and rishikesh in uttarakhand to Howrah nagar in Kolkata. The passenger boarded the train at ayodhya Cantt in Uttar Pradesh. This passenger has booked a ticket on Tatkal. Yesterday at 3.19 pm X site user @Avoid_potato posted the first post. In it, "Her younger sister is traveling alone in a train for the first time. One way, they got tickets confirmed. However, the train arrived three hours late. When the train arrived, she went and saw a person sitting on that ticket with her family. Immediately her younger sister told them to get up from her seat. But the person yelled at her. She is traveling alone because she has to go urgently. She is going for an exam," she said in another post.

In the third follow-up post, "Now she is very uncomfortable. That person has made her sister sit on top bed. In it, three other passengers are sitting with her. The worst thing is that she can't do anything from here. she is very worried. Can she do anything for her? Are there any services?" She had questioned. Also mentioned the indian Railway page and posted the PNR number. Some suggested filing an official complaint with the Railways through the rail Madad app. Railway Seva, a passenger grievance redressal site, requested the passenger's mobile number in the record. Subsequently, railway security personnel went to the place of the victim passenger for 20 minutes and got the seat for the woman. This was confirmed by the sister herself on her side.

Following this incident, many people started launching cyber attacks on indian Railways. He had posted that increasing the number of 3AC coaches instead of increasing the number of public coaches for revenue is the seed for such activities. Another person posted, "It has become so commonplace in india that no one sees it as a problem and refuses to even try to solve it." Another person posted, "Traveling by train in North india is horrible."

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