Monday blues bye bye - Chawanmunshi This silky savoury egg custard sells like hot cakes in Japan and we are sure you are going to completely dig it too. Full of flavours from veggies, prawn, sake, mirren and soy take something as simple as eggs to another level. When you have an exciting breakfast like this, you can bid a permanent good bye to morning blues!

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Tuesday treat - Egg galettes

The good part about making a galette is that you can go free style! This rustic recipe has the smoky sweet flavour of red peppers and silky baked eggs piled on crunchy puff pastry. A brilliant breakfast to ensure you start your day with a big satisfactory smile.

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Wow Wednesday- Oatmeal and Mushroom Breakfast Stir Fry

This recipe brings together two breakfast staples like no other. Mushroom and oats stir fried with fresh herbs and spinach, topped with a fried egg – it makes a high protein healthy and quick breakfast option any day of the week and is even better for the gym rat in you.


Tantalising Thursday - Muffins

Simple, easy and delicious, we call these Sunday eggs because you sundays!  Here we used a mixture of cottage cheese and broccoli as the base, but you could easily replace it with anything you want – mushroom, mozzarella and maybe even some bacon! Did anybody say yumm!!?


Fantastic Friday - Salli par eedu

Parsis take their eggs very seriously and can eat them with almost anything! In this fusion recipe an egg and potato frittata is topped with crispy fried potato sticks. Why stick to a plain old omelet when you can have salli par eedu!?


Simply sumptuous Saturday - Dosa Egg Sandwich

Got leftover dosa batter? Here is how you can turn it into an innovative delicious eggy breakfast. Fluffy mini dosas baked with cream cheese, onions, tomatoes and of course, eggs! You will be surprised at how these simple ingredients come together to make such a fun final dish.


Sunday Special - Cream Corn and Eggs on Toast

A listicle of breakfast egg recipes without mentioning scrambled eggs is always going to be incomplete. So here it is our version of silky smooth fluffy scrambled eggs with a sweet crunchy surprise with corn - topped on crisp toast. With a breakfast like this you can be sure that you are going to have a great day ahead.

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