Many actors have spoken out on the language controversy because it is a prominent topic in the nation. pankaj tripathi has admitted to the media that he will never act in regional movies. He claimed that the concept of working on a film or television programme that is produced in a language he is not "familiar with" bothers him. pankaj tripathi added that he is opposed to having a another actor duplicate his voice.

"I object to speaking in a language that I find difficult to understand in any movie or web series. I don't like it when someone else mouths my dialogue. My voice enhances my acting and facial expressions. My part would be incomplete without me, pankaj tripathi told PTI. When asked if he would ever appear in a bengali film, Tripathi responded that while he understands the language, it is insufficient. "Ami alpo alpo Bangla jani, bhaloi bujhi kintu bhalo bolte parina (I know a little bengali and fully comprehend, but I can't talk much)" For the purpose of depicting a Bengali-speaking figure, it is insufficient, he continued. He would, however, act in a bengali film if he were cast in one.

Hit movies like Stree, Gurgaon, Ludo, and the web series Mirzapur have featured pankaj tripathi as a leading man. He is a very adaptable actor. The actor's subsequent film appearance will be in Srijit Mukherji's Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga, which is scheduled for nationwide theatrical release on june 24. The movie was based on actual incidents that took place in the Pilibhit tiger Reserve, when villagers would abandon their elderly relatives for the tigers to feed on before claiming compensation from the management.

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