Talented telugu girl Chandini Chowdhary began her career in tollywood years ago but didn't experience popularity till the release of the film "Color Photo" in 2020 while the country was under lockdown. After that, she started receiving fantastic offers, and this friday marks the debut of her newest movie, Sammathame. She nevertheless made a shocking discovery while this film was being promoted.

Chandini signed with a major production company that is no longer producing films, as has already been reported, but the producer allegedly threatened to have her sign with no other studio until their current project was completed. She must wait for two years without doing anything else because the producer forewarned her about the repercussions, but the project never got off the ground.

Chandini claimed that "Oohalu Gusagusalade" and "Kumari 21 F" were both the first films to be offered to her during this time, and the filmmakers even waited a month for her consent. She must give up those films since she cannot divulge the terms of the "deal" she signed. Raashi Khanna in tollywood rose to fame as a result of Oohalu, while Hebah Patel, the lead girl in Kumari 21 F, became a household name.

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