There is no need to say how famous roshan brothers are in Bollywood. rakesh roshan as a great director. rajesh roshan as a great music director is ruling Bollywood. There is nothing to say about hrithik roshan who comes from that family. How many heroes in Bollywood! Hrithik is a unique actor. A hero who has acquired a separate identity for himself. After them, no one from that family was seen in Bollywood.

Rajesh Roshan's daughter Pashmina roshan wears makeup for a long time. The sequel of 'Ishq Vishk' will be launched with 'Ishq Vishk Rebound'. She is acting opposite Rohit Saraf in this. While Pashmina Roshan's second project is going to please the audience with the role of Sanchalana. It is known that the movie 'Hero Number One' was announced with tiger Shrop and sara Ali Khan.Jagan is directing Shakti. 

Pashmina was selected as the second lead in the same film. In this, she will be seen in the role of Sanchalana. That role is very dirty. It will be seen as she who falls after the hero for romance. She knows the hero's heart, plays a dirty role of romance beyond love. Film categories say that pashmina costumes are going to elevate every woman to a more naughty one, including this role.

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