Coming soon: One ticket for bus, metro, and electric train travel across Chennai!

Following the singapore model, chennai will soon have an Integrated Ticketing System (ITS) that will provide a single ticketing system to be used across all operators in chennai Metropolitan Area. This will help commuters in easy transit during the switchover from one transport system to another. Presently in chennai, Public Transport services (bus, metro and MRTS/sub-urban) are provided by three different agencies. A task order has been issued to Moving Tech Innovations to develop an application for traveling in one ticket across chennai by bus, train and metro.

Chennai Integrated Transport Group has commissioned Moving Tech Innovations Private Limited to develop an application for a single ticketing scheme for traveling by bus, suburban train and metro in Chennai.

Accordingly, in the first phase, it has been decided to implement in december this year to travel in chennai city buses and metro trains. The project will be implemented in march next year to run suburban trains. Efforts have been made to bring a single ticket system for public transport for a long time, but the work has reached its final stage.

In chennai there are 3 transport facilities including bus, metro, and electric train to go from one place to another, people buy tickets separately for these three. This procedure is to be carried out in such a way that all these can be brought in a single travel ticket as an alternative to such travel ticket.

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