N Chandrababu Naidu, the leader of the telugu desam party and a former chief minister of andhra pradesh, started a new game in telangana a few days ago by conducting a sizable rally in Khammam, giving the party—which had been all but dead in the state—a new lease on life. At addition, he intends to host his subsequent public gathering in nizamabad, which, like Khammam, is home to a sizable Andhra settlement. The conference in nizamabad could very well take place around the second or third week of January.

Although the tdp doesn't have many interests in telangana, it's unclear why Naidu holds public meetings around the state. Naidu is attempting to convince the bharatiya janata party that the tdp still has a strong support base in telangana and that if the two parties can reach an agreement, it will be advantageous for the bjp to win Telangana. The leaders of the ysr congress party have publicly brought up this matter, claiming that Naidu is courting the bjp in telangana in order to secure the saffron party's backing in andhra pradesh during the upcoming elections. Additionally, Naidu has not refuted this accusation.

But it seems that the bjp is no longer interested in this connection to the TDP. At the training camp held a few days ago, telangana state bjp president Bandi Sanjay reportedly made it clear to the party's leaders and cadre that there would be no understanding with the TDP. He assured them that the bjp would compete on its own in the telangana polls. In fact, he allegedly believed that any partnership with the tdp, direct or indirect, would only be detrimental to the saffron party.

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