Despite there being no formal declaration at this time, the alliance between Chandrababu and pawan kalyan appears to be fairly certain from the photographs. According to the reports, pawan kalyan and tdp were in talks about splitting up the electorates that would be up for election. Chandrababu made it plain that he could only grant 25 assembly seats and 3 parliament seats in response to Pawan Kalyan's request for 35 and 5, respectively.

Although the transaction hasn't been finalised, chandrababu naidu is known for closing deals at the eleventh hour, at a 15 to 2 ratio, according to political circles. In addition to this, there is further fascinating information. If pawan kalyan is unable to find suitable candidates, Chandrababu reportedly stated that he might field his own candidates to run for Janasena. pawan kalyan appears to have thanked CBN for this assurance without realising that he was gaining full control of the JSP in the lead up to the election.

The two leaders' discussion about the state's most recent political situation lasted for more than an hour during the meeting. They were joined by no other prominent leaders from either side because Naidu and Pawan wanted to talk about the political approach to take in the upcoming elections. The two opposition leaders are currently meeting for the second time in AP. According to analysts, it appears as though janasena is pushing forward with forming an alliance with the tdp for the upcoming elections.

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