On Friday, the bharatiya janata party strongly refuted claims that it was thinking about forming an alliance with the telugu desam party in Telangana. According to the reports, the bjp was attempting to work with the tdp in telangana in preparation for the next assembly elections, said the bjp general secretary in charge of telangana affairs to media persons in New Delhi. Chugh denied the accusations on Friday, claiming that his party has no plans to work with the tdp in the State.

The reports, he claimed, "are totally untrue, malicious, and intended to fabricate a false narrative." He claimed that during a casual gathering with friends in New Delhi, which also included some members of the media, he made no mention of the partnership with the TDP. I didn't say anything that could even remotely be interpreted as suggesting an alliance with the tdp or that we would support Smt. sharmila in telangana, the politician insisted.

He claimed that "certain political parties are resorting to misleading propaganda on the bjp and potential partnerships" since they have lost support and importance in the state. Since trs has become the only alternative in the state, the bjp is powerful enough to beat it on its own in telangana, according to Chugh. He remarked, "As the BJP's telangana state coordinator, I once again denounce this misinformation campaign and ask media to stop from rumor-mongering."

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