Ali claimed that the populace firmly supports the jagan administration and that the welfare programmes the chief minister launched have reached a wide audience. These plans, he claimed, "are sufficient to restore the party to power." pawan kalyan received harsh criticism from Ali, who had been praising him just the day before, for his remarks at the most recent yuva Sakthi session conducted at Ranasthalam in the srikakulam district.

Pawan kalyan is not acting like a seasoned politician, in my opinion. At the srikakulam meeting, he made crude and immature remarks about jagan and other YSRCP leaders. He lost in the most recent assembly elections at gajuwaka and Bhimavaram, thus he doesn't have the support of the majority of the electorate, he claimed. The electronic media advisor vehemently reacted to Pawan's remarks about actor-turned-minister r k roja, calling Pawan's description of Roja as a "diamond rani" worthless.

She is a powerful female leader who has great popularity and respect. It demonstrates how low-level pawan kalyan has sunk in politics for him to refer to her as a "diamond rani." Roja is not just a strong diamond, but also a fiery leader, the speaker continued, adding that Roja would shine brightly in politics.

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