Current status of music director who was involved in an accident?

While there were various reports that famous music composer vijay antony was injured in an accident during the shooting of 'Pichaikaran 2', director Suchinthran made a statement and made it clear to the fans. The 2016 film 'Pichaikaran 2' starring vijay antony was the biggest turning point in Vijay Antony's film career. Six years after the success of this film, vijay antony is currently focusing on the second part of the film. The shooting of 'Pichaikaran 2' is said to be going on in full swing in Sri Lanka. It was said that actor Vijay Antony, who was involved in an unexpected accident, was seriously injured and was taken to a hospital in malaysia and then brought to a hospital in Chennai. There were various reports on social media that he was unconscious and had difficulty breathing and some surgeries were performed on him. Following this, to put an end to such rumors, famous director Suchinthran has issued a statement and clarified. In a statement released by him, he said that Vijay Antony, who was injured in an accident during the shooting of Pichaikaran 2, came to his house in chennai two days ago. The doctor told to rest for two weeks. Talk to fans via video as soon as possible. Fear not, fans. Please don't believe the false rumors about him. director Suchinthran's statement is currently going viral.

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