vamsi Paidipally, the director of "Varasudu," is enraged with movie critics since "Varasudu" reviews in telugu haven't been very kind. However, the filmmaker is utterly losing his mind over the reviews and also revealing interesting things because the movie made 180 crores in gross after the first weekend from tamil and telugu combined.

Vamsi stated that the story he had told the Superstar was not varasudu when asked why mahesh babu had rejected this film after working with him on "Maharshi." vamsi paidipally added, "I've told him another story, but that movie didn't happen since Mahesh has prior obligations. But if the entire history of the past could be remembered, then everyone would be able to recall that Mahesh had not approved any film for more than a year and had instead waited for vamsi to narrate a proper script.

At the same time, vamsi said that varasudu is receiving favourable reviews from the public and urged media professionals to learn to respect the effort that filmmakers put into their work. Also, the movie has lost to Ajith's Thunivu at TN box office where ajith has reigned the Stardom and he always remains unbeaten.

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