This suggests that Jana Sena will be important in the 2024 assembly elections. The tdp is increasing its vote share for 2019 by around 9.6 percent, but it is only gaining one of the seven st seats, Polavaram, with a vote share differential of just 1.93 percent. The ysr congress, on the other hand, is losing close to 4.94 percent of its vote share. The tdp only won one seat, Polavaram, in 2014 when they took office as the state's new ruling party. The remaining six seats designated for Schedule Tribes were won by YSRCP.

The tdp only won araku in 2009 in an integrated state; the congress won the other six. This also demonstrates the TDP's dismal track record in ST-reserved seats. According to the report, the bc and forward communities support the tdp, while the SC-ST groups support the ysr Congress. Approximately 16 percent of communities forward support Jana Sena. The 36–60 age range is where the ysr congress finds its supporters, while the 18–35 age group is where the tdp does well.

According to the survey, youth between the ages of 18 and 35 support the Jana Sena party by about 14%.

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