Pathaan, the new movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, is destroying the box office. Over the course of a five-day weekend, the movie brought in almost Rs. 285 crore net (all formats) in India. The movie is making incredible box office returns and will surpass $25 Million by the end of its opening weekend. It has never happened before, especially in Bollywood. All previous records have been broken, and new ones are being made every day.

Given that the title of the movie refers to a specific community, Pathaan received a lot of criticism from the right wing. They were also keeping an eye on the movie since Shah Rukh Khan is a member of a minority group, and they didn't want his movie to succeed. Their extremist and group-based hostility. They used the saffron bikini to stir up controversy, but Shah Rukh Khan was their main goal.

However, the movie's box office success demonstrated that Shah Rukh Khan is equally adored by Muslims and Hindus, and no amount of fanatics can change that. The audience will always show their affection if a movie is good. The movie demonstrated that india is one of the best secular nations that can distinguish between good and bad. The movie is also a classic example of how strong and enjoyable material can counteract boycott efforts for a movie.

By the conclusion of its second week, Pathaan is anticipated to surpass kgf 2's net earnings, after which it will try to surpass Baahubali 2 (Hindilifetime )'s earnings. Finally, it is demonstrated once more that love Always Prevails Over Hatred!

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