Gopalkrishna Dwivedi, the former principal secretary of the agriculture department and the panchayatraj department, and S.S. Rawat, the principal secretary of the revenue department, were both present at the hearing regarding the late payment of a bill to a gravel supplier for constructing a road under the NREGS. This was a setback for the ycp government.

It objected to the officers' failure to carry out the court instructions in a proper manner. "Court orders are only carried out after the officials have been called to account. The court will have to summon the officials at the first hearing itself if this is the approach you follow, it was noted.

The two officials were cited by the court along with the fact that they frequently came before it in connection with roughly 70 incidents of contempt of court. The court expressed its irritation at repeatedly seeing the same faces in their hallways. In addition, the court noted that, compared to other states in the nation, andhra pradesh was the only one where such a high number of contempt of court cases were being filed. The court stated that this is evidence of the state government's uneven operation. It posed the question, "Does this mean you don't respect court orders or do you believe you have absolute power?"

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