The main guest at the writer Padmabhushan Celebrating Housefulls event was mega producer Allu Aravind. The Suhas-starring movie premiered to strong box office receipts all around the world. The movie's distributor, Allu Aravind, made some insightful comments. He recommended during his speech that girls watch the movie with their parents and brothers.

"I still have energy since I work with kids every day. They are what gives me energy. Vasu and Dheeraj suggested to me that we release the movie. I experienced the same things after seeing the film. The final sequence was my favourite in the film. Every female has her unique wishes, which are heartwarmingly displayed. I don't think girls should stay in and watch TV. Bunny's wife Sneha doesn't have to go to work. She married a well-known celebrity and was born wealthy. But she continues to work. Personally, I dislike girls who are idle. After seeing the movie, I returned home and asked my wife what she genuinely wanted to do with her life. I already saw Shanmukh. But I failed to notice his skill.

They lacked the patience to wait until the pandemic was finished after finishing the Color Photo during the corona shutdown. We effectively promoted the film when they first showed it to us and released it on Aha. It's our first big-budget success on Aha. Girls adore Suhas' innocence, which makes him a natural performer. The movie was indeed only shown on a few screens. Dheeraj and bunny Vass exuded confidence. Go watch the movie with your brothers, parents, and sisters, ladies. This triumph disproved the common misconception that audiences won't flock to theatres to see independent films.

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