Nithyananda, who was released on bail after several cases in india and fled abroad, was recently in the news once again.  Controversial guru Nityananda called his country the 'United States of Kailasa'. Moreover, his representative was sent to the United Nations Conference held recently in Washington, USA. In this meeting, a woman named Vijayapriya Nityananda represented the 'United States of Kailasa'.

She said that the 'supreme pontiff of Hinduism' is our Kailasa country. They should protect themselves from India. Nityananda ran several ashrams in india but fled the country amid allegations of sexual harassment. Vijayapriya Nithyananda spoke at the CESR meeting. She said that india is looking at our Nityananda to persecute him. Se asked the United Nations to take measures to prevent this.In a video of the meeting uploaded by the United Nations, Vijayapriya described herself as a 'permanent ambassador from Kailasa'. 

"Kailasa was declared by Nityananda as the first sovereign state of Hinduism. The supreme Pontiff of hinduism was established in the land of Kailasa by Nityananda Paramashiva who was reviving the enlightened Hindu civilization of 10000 traditions of hinduism including Adi Shaiva indigenous agricultural tribes." Vijayapriya said that the United Nations should take steps to stop the violence against Nityananda and 20 lakh Hindus living in Kailasa. Vijayapriya mentioned that Kailash has set up embassies and NGOs in 150 countries.

In 2010, the karnataka Sessions court issued a non-bailable warrant against Nithyananda after allegations of child rape were made. ccording to Kailasa's official website, it is "a land without borders. Exiled Hindus from all over the world have lost their right to practice hinduism authentically in their own countries. 

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