Morphing audio and visuals is shocking a lot of people. The tdp women leader, Vangalapudi Anitha, initially thought she had said something gravely incorrect after hearing her speech in lokesh Naidu's presence. Her adversaries circulated a video clip in which she was heard pledging that the tdp women will work to restore jagan Mohan reddy to his position as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Yet, she didn't exactly mention jagan Mohan reddy by name. It was changed, effectively expressing how far technology has come. In fact, it's frightening because it gets harder to tell what's real and what isn't. Anita later debuted a 15-minute video in which she explains how the thugs turned her voice into a warped audio byte.

The TDP's adversaries also produced a phoney press release on Kinjarapu Atchen Naidu's letterhead that demanded Anita be disciplined for her verbal error. To everyone's shock, everything eventually turned out to be a fake. As part of the "CBN Connect" programme, tdp leader N chandrababu naidu engaged in a virtual conversation with women from 100 different locations and referred to his mother Ammanamma as his first instructor. Stay tuned for more updates.

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