According to rumors, tdp leader N chandrababu naidu has chosen a bc candidate to run in the assembly constituency for the MLC elections. Seven MLC seats will become vacant on march 29; voting is now taking place to fill them. All seven seats will be filled by members of the ruling ysr Congress, which now holds 151 MLAs in the house of 175 members. On Thursday, these candidates officially filed their nomination papers.

The tdp is thinking of running a candidate and has 23 MLAs on its side. The tdp seeks to cause a race by fielding an eighth candidate, despite the fact that four of its MLAs are with the ysr Congress. According to sources, chandrababu naidu has suggested Panchumarthi Anuradha, the party's spokeswoman, as their MLC candidate. Previously, Anuradha, a woman from british Columbia, presided over the vijayawada Municipal Corporation for five years.

It's interesting to note that the tdp would need 25 votes to guarantee the election victory of their candidate. The tdp would undoubtedly lose the election with only 19 MLAs counted and only 23 on record. The party leader had chosen a lady from british Columbia as a candidate for this reason. In the past, Naidu chose Varla Ramaiah, a sc candidate, to run for the rajya sabha seat despite the fact that he knew the party would lose the conflict. It is known that Naidu selects sc or bc candidates for the vacant seats and only offers open seats to OCs.

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