The tdp leaders further point out that because Kapus did not support Pawan, Pawan lost two constituencies. In this situation, they wonder how they can be sure Kapus will support the TDP. The tdp is also worried that the campaign endorsing Pawan and the party's coalition may encourage BCs to back chief minister YS Jagan, even though 75% of them have already expressed support for him.

Political analysts believe that in the near future, some social groupings will completely oppose Pawan and support YCP. The TDP's leaders are apprehensive to run for office on the coastal AP, despite the fact that Balijas in rayalaseema may accept an alliance with the party. They fear that if they grant Jana Sena only 20–25 assembly seats, Chandrababu will face intense Kapus opposition.

Kapus might take action against the tdp because they think Chandrababu defrauded Pawan, a member of their social group, in order to advance his political ambitions. Harirama Jogaiah, a leader of the Kapu party and a former minister, demonstrated this by questioning and criticising the TDP's campaign in front of Pawan.

Second-tier leaders openly pleaded with the janasena Avirbhava Sabha to name Pawan Chief Minister. Pawan runs the risk of suffering a second defeat if he confronts Jana Sena leaders and members. The tdp is worried that by siding with Pawan, they may pay a high price by alienating other social groups and losing Kapus support. The tdp may in the future think of releasing Pawan to implement their plan.

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