Aadhi (Nishanth), a minor offender, gets into a fight after assisting a police officer in finding a murder scene. Unknowingly, he finds himself shackled to Maaran (Vivek Prasanna), the victim who is still breathing, and learns that Maaran's life is worth a lot of money. aadhi and Maaran are now on the run as a result of the involvement of certain influential people, which has exacerbated the issue. Are they able to survive?

Although the film's intriguing premise and compelling characters are shown early on, director Dhanabalan Govindaraj falls short of the passion that the tale promises. The location enhances the attraction of the movie, and the cinematography is passable. The background music, though, is occasionally startling and out of place. Some movies have excellent content that keeps viewers interested. However, the execution and composition ultimately define their success or failure. Unfortunately, although having an intriguing subject, Parunthagudhu Oorkuruvi is below par due to its shoddy filmmaking.

The romance scenes between gayathri Iyer's and vivek Prasanna's characters are passable, and the latter's portrayal of Maaran's wife and a famous actress is admirable, but the movie eventually falls short of expectations. Numerous sequences are awkwardly constructed, and the protagonist's characterizations and line delivery fall short of their promise.

The picture makes an effort to stand out but ultimately fails because of its subpar filmmaking and improper characters.

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