World on the verge of war?Russia to use nuclear weapons...

The conflict between russia and ukraine has been over a year ago. ukraine continues to receive assistance from Western nations. russia is extremely miffed at this assistance. Vladimir Putin, the president of russia, has just declared that belarus will soon receive Russian nuclear weaponry. This move by russia is interpreted as a warning to the western nations and a start towards nuclear war. Putin has previously stated numerous times that he would not think twice about using nuclear weapons if he were assaulted.

Vladimir Putin declared on saturday that he would place strategic nuclear weapons in belarus, a neighbour. This statement is interpreted as a cautionary tale for Western nations regarding growing military collaboration in Ukraine. Tactical nuclear weapons, in contrast to more potent, longer-range strategic nuclear weapons, are designed for use on the battleground.

Preparations are being done in Belarus

Putin claimed that the plan was a retaliatory measure in reaction to Britain's intention to provide "depleted uranium" ammunition to Ukraine. Putin, the president of russia, had previously asserted that this ammunition contains nuclear components. The Russian leader said in an interview that was aired on a state television channel on saturday night that these weapons pose an additional danger to military forces and citizens in Ukraine. He later toned down his remarks, though.

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of belarus, has long demanded these armaments because his country is encircled by NATO members, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He declared that by July 1 in belarus, suitable structures for the storage of these armaments would be ready. russia has sent soldiers to ukraine through Belarusian territory. Despite the invasion of Kyiv, moscow and Minsk have kept strong military ties.

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