Many people competed to buy Sundar Pichai's house. In the end, actor and producer Manikandan got the house. Sundar Pichai studied in that house in ashok Nagar, Chennai. Sundar Pichai's father sold the house to Manikandan. He has also demolished the house at his own expense. Regarding that, Manikandan said, I was looking to buy a house in Chennai. I have passed through that street many times. But I didn't know it was Sundar Pichai's house.

A friend asked if you are looking for a house in ashok Nagar and are buying a place. When asked who is the house, google said Sundar Pichai's house. That is how I came to know about that house. Seeing the condition of the house, Manikandan decided to demolish it and build a new one. After that, Sundar Pichai's father demolished the house at his own expense.

On february 2, the house was changed to Manikandan's name. But now it has come to light that Sundar Pichai's house came to Manikandan. Sundar Pichai's father cried when he sold the house. He  got emotional and cried when he wrote the house in the name of Manikandan because it was the house he built after taking a loan.

Sundar Pichai's father couldn't help but cry when he was given the house he had bought with difficulty even though he was settled in America. When the house was given to someone else, all those sentiments came before the eyes. Who can't cry? No matter how rich you are, the first house you worked hard to build is always special.

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