Is rajamouli waiting so long for that superstar..!?

It is the dream of many actors to do a film with director SS Rajamouli. Many dreams of appearing in a guest role in the film he is directing. But who is that opportunity? But for a long time, there has been a rumor that rajamouli, who is emerging as the most wanted pan-India director, could not find a real Chikkadu for a famous actor. Every time rajamouli has to write a role for him and then find another actor after not finding the call sheets. Moreover, rajamouli wrote a story for a full-length film with the said superstar. Contacted for call sheets. But it was not possible. As a result, the story of the film was changed to and fro and finally, it was made into 'Yamadonga'.
And even after that, rajamouli waited a long time for the respective superstar's call sheets. He was asked to act in the Pan india sensation 'Baahubali' franchise. But he was not caught. After that, he was chosen for a pivotal role in a pan-India blockbuster like RRR. But again he was not found. Rajamouli's dream of working with the said star hero was not fulfilled. But now it is known that the said star hero was once again approached for Jungle Adventure which is being made with superstar mahesh babu and this time he said OK. He said that he liked his character's line. But the call sheets still need to be fixed. But for indian james cameron rajamouli, who has been working for the same film for years, adjusting the call sheets is not that easy. This time, we have to see what kind of master plan Jakkanna will make to avoid such a problem.So who will be the superstar? I mean... this is all about malayalam legendary actor Mohanlal. mohanlal, who is popular as a complete star, previously acted in the tollywood blockbuster Janata Garage. koratala was well persuaded by that film. But rajamouli still has no idea. This time it is believed that mohanlal will be locked up. There is no doubt that with the addition of mohanlal, the market range of this movie in mollywood will increase immensely. It is known that the Rajamouli-Vijayendra Prasad-Keeravani teams are already working seriously on a huge Pan india movie with Mahesh as the protagonist.

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