Why is it called 'Healing Oil'?

Tea Tree oil is a special kind of oil rich in medicinal properties, it is not a common oil. There are many types of tea tree oil available in the market nowadays, but it is a bit difficult to choose which one is better among them. This oil made from tea tree is called tea tree oil. It is mostly found in parts of Australia. This oil is not only better for the skin, but it also has many other properties like it is applied in the hair, it is beneficial for the stomach and mouth as well.

This oil is made from tea tree

It is extracted from the leaves of a tree called Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil is mainly used nowadays to make creams, lotions and many types of skin medicines. 


This oil is very good for the skin. It is also very helpful in eradicating facial scars and acne. Applying it on the face gives a glow to the face.

Helps to remove dandruff from hair

Tea tree oil can also be beneficial for people who have frequent hair loss problems. One study found that regular use of tea tree oil can reduce hair dandruff to a great extent.

Health benefits for mouth too

Tea tree oil has many properties, due to which bacteria and other germs in the mouth can be destroyed, the use of tea tree oil for people who have worms, bad breath or any other problem can be beneficial. This oil is also very beneficial for people with sinus disease. Taking its steam by putting it in water will reduce your sinus problem a lot.

Why is it called Healing Magic Oil?

It is called healing magic oil because it helps in quick healing of wounds. It contains wound-healing ingredients.

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