Supreme Court's good news for prisoners. sc Green Signals to implement Faster policy to be released as soon as bail is granted. CJI NV ramana orders the release of prisoners as soon as court orders are issued. supreme court hears case as Sumoto over delay in the release of prisoners due to technical reasons despite courts granting bail. Order to enforce the FASTER policy to avoid delays in the release of prisoners. supreme court orders implementation of Faster policy for immediate access to relevant jails. supreme court orders CSS to immediately set up internet facilities in all jails. supreme court orders all states to implement Faster policy through the nodal agency. Bail orders that will no longer reach the relevant jails by mail through the Faster policy.

The supreme court said on thursday that it is past time to use Information and Communication technology tools for efficient and faster transmission of court orders, expressing deep concern about the plight of jail inmates who are not released from prison despite being granted bail due to delays in communication of such orders. FASTER (Fast and Secure Transmission of Electronic Records) is an innovative method designed for rapid distribution of decisions issued by the supreme court to related jails, district Courts, and High Courts, as the case may be, using a secure communication channel.

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