The South indian film industry has recently been breaking barriers and setting new standards for the indian film industry. We may say that while bollywood is having trouble, the South Asian film industry will have a good year in 2022. The three most popular and profitable movies this year were kgf chapter 2, pushpa, RRR, and Vikram. kgf chapter 2 shattered the all-India box office collecting record by earning Rs 1250 crores. kgf Chapter 2's hindi adaptation brought in Rs. 435 crore.

It is important to note that the kgf has evoked strong feelings in viewers all across the world. pushpa has amassed a sizable box office haul in the north despite receiving a tremendous reception from the hindi audience as well. The audience was surprised by karan Johar's remarks regarding kgf 2 earlier. "I feel like we would be lynched if we produced this, based on the kgf reviews. But everyone in this room agrees that it was a party and a celebration. It was excellent. I absolutely adored it. But I also feel like you banate? It functions both ways. I believe that we are also not given any kind of flexibility, so we try to be someone else."

As a result of this remark, online users are losing their temper and correcting karan on Twitter. They advise karan johar to cast people with talent rather than continuing to cast celebrity kids. A portion of the audience suggests that karan try something different rather than creating awful love stories using remix music. South films, however, are a fierce competitor to bollywood, and hindi audiences favour South films over Bollywood.

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