The three most popular movies this year are all from the South, one from Telugu, one from Tamil, and one from Kannada. Many actors and filmmakers in bollywood may be seen struggling to find at least one role similar to them this year. On whether they should make the same movies in hindi, several filmmakers have differing perspectives. While praising KGF, prashant Neel claims that if the film had been produced in bollywood, it would have received negative reviews. According to reports, kgf chapter 2 earned Rs 1250 crore, of which Rs 435 crore came from the hindi version alone.

Speaking to Film Companion, karan stated, "I feel like if we made this, we would be lynched when I read the critiques of KGF. However, everyone in this place says, "Oh, that was a party and a celebration." I was smitten. With all of my heart, I adored it. But I also feel like you banate? It functions both ways. I believe that we are also not given any kind of flexibility, so we try to be someone else. As a result, we are dispersed. We need to cease leading two separate lives.

Well, karan Johar's comments on social media are not appropriate. The internet users began lecturing karan about how he should stop choosing star children for films with mediocre love tales mixed in with remix songs. Instead, they advised him to pay attention to the presentation, cinematography, and a compelling plot.

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