When everyone believed that telugu desam party leader and vijayawada MP Kesineni srinivas alias nani and party president N chandrababu naidu had patched things up, it now appears that nani is still upset with the leader. All the party leaders in delhi, including the MPs, gathered to the airport to greet Naidu on saturday when he travelled to New delhi to participate in the national committee meeting of the Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav, which would be presided over by prime minister Narendra Modi.

The vijayawada MP travelled to the airport with the other three tdp MPs, K Rammohan Naidu, galla jayadev, and Kanakamedala ravindra Kumar, to greet the party chief. The three MPs gave Naidu a bouquet as soon as he exited the airport, but Kesineni refused to accept it. Kesineni ignored the bouquet that galla jayadev offered him and turned his head away when he was instructed to present it to Naidu.

He did not even show any desire in approaching chandrababu naidu any closer. Evidently, Kesineni did not meet the party leader at the airport but rather went there to register his protest and vent his rage at Naidu. A video showing Jayadev asking Kesineni to wish Naidu and give him a bouquet, but the vijayawada MP declining, went viral on social media. As a result, the party began to discuss what went wrong between Jayadev and Naidu once more. Naidu only spent a significant amount of time at the daughter of Kesineni's engagement party last week.

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