General Maharaja The final outing FIR of tamil hero vishnu vishal was presented by ravi Teja. With vishnu vishal, ravi Teja is now a production partner on the latter's next movie Matti Kusthi, which comes out on december 2. The actor reveals to ravi Teja that after hearing the tale behind Matti Kusthi, he immediately wanted to play the lead role. My wife Jwala's acquaintance swetha introduced me to ravi Teja sir. I intended to publish a FIR.

The choice to release the film in telugu was a rushed one. ravi Sir stated that he like the plot of my earlier films. He saw the movie after enjoying the FIR trailer. He made the choice to give it. He then inquired as to my next move. When I told him about this line (Matti Kusthi), he thought it would definitely win. Then I instructed the director to tell the entire tale. He informed me that he desired to play the lead role in the film's telugu adaptation. But I wanted to perform it in tamil and Telugu. He responded, "No problem," and joined the team as a producer. He is the telugu and tamil film's production partner.

Matti Kusthi is basically a love story between a husband and wife who have ego problems, according to vishnu Vishal. Actually, the husband and wife are engaged in kusthi. The film also features Kusthi, hence the name Matti Kusthi. A variation of kusthi played in kerala is called matti kusthi. The character's native state is Kerala. The movie will treat everything in a humorous manner. The entire thing has an entertaining factor. It's my first mainstream entertainment product.

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