Anasuya is outspoken about the online abuse she receives. The actress recently took legal action against people who purposefully called her "Aunty" on social media despite her repeated warnings. Another social media troll has recently come under fire. The aforementioned person shared offensive images of anasuya and several other small-screen actresses using a social media account. He previously posted images of movie stars as well.

Following an investigation into a complaint made by anasuya to the Cyber police, the police detained the individual using the social media handle. He previously posted images of Pragati, vishnu Priya, Rashmi, and Anasuya. In response to Anasuya's accusation, the police tracked him down and ultimately arrested him. Sharing inappropriate images of any actor or actress is a crime, as the man who was caught today is now discovering the hard way.

In the telugu movie, anasuya bharadwaj is a well-known face. The actress not only excels at acting but also seizes any opportunity to make fashion statements with her attire. Anarkalis, sarees, and lehengas are examples of ethnic clothing. mini dresses, gowns, and casual clothing are examples of western clothing that anasuya is adept at wearing. Her instagram feed is evidence of this.

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