india went to help...Pakistan tried to stop..!?

India On turkey Earthquake: Continuous and severe earthquakes have left turkey and syria reeling. More than 5,000 people have lost their lives as various buildings have collapsed and infrastructure has been destroyed. More than 30,000 are said to have been injured. While rescue and relief operations are underway, various countries are extending their helping hand to Turkey. india also airlifted relief supplies to turkey through its air Force aircraft.
In that regard, reports have surfaced that pakistan has denied airspace access to an indian air Force aircraft that went to turkey for relief operations. To help turkey in the relief effort, the indian government promised to send medical aid according to NDRF (Indian National Disaster Response Force) teams. india deployed its largest cargo aircraft, the Boeing-made C-17 Globemaster. At Turkey's Adana airport, the first of these aircraft landed with modern drilling equipment, rescue dogs, and medics. The indian flight had to divert due to Pakistan's refusal to allow it to use its airspace. However, there is no official and governemnt information about this.This is not the first time that pakistan has stopped an indian aircraft from entering its airspace. pakistan has denied access to its airspace to India's many attempts to send humanitarian aid to affected countries. It is worth noting that indian aircraft can easily fly through Pakistani airspace to reach countries in the West including turkey, Ukraine, and european countries.In 2021,  from using its territory, pakistan blocked india after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, india undertook Mission Vande Bharat during the Covid-19 rescue operations to rescue indians stranded in Ukraine. Even then, pakistan refused to allow flights from india to use its airspace. And airlines had to take longer routes to reach Ukraine, reportedly resulting in increased time and fuel consumption.

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