Is Rajini's film career going to end by Lokesh..!?

Lokesh kanagaraj is going to direct the last film in the film career of Superstar Rajinikanth. Superstar Rajinikanth has been acting as a hero in films even after the age of 70. After Annatthhe, he is now acting in Jailer directed by Nelson. In this case, Rajini's films are facing a series of failures recently, so he asked lokesh about the story. Because lokesh played an important role in taking actors like Vijay and Kamal to the top.
Because they have given many failed films and finally they have scored an industrial hit with a film starring Lokesh. Now their market is on another level. Therefore, Rajini has volunteered to come down and has taken consent from Lokesh. But since Rajini is now old, lokesh is thinking about how to carry the film with him and has made a calculation. lokesh will combine many heroes in the film and give the film a different kind of treat to the fans.If Rajini casts similar heroes in the film, it will not be so good. Therefore, lokesh has suggested that both the top stars ajith and Vijay can be cast together with Rajini. But there is confusion about whether both ajith and Vijay will agree to this. lokesh said that if it is Rajini's last film, both Vijay and ajith will agree and the film will be celebrated by fans worldwide. Rajini also told lokesh that he should finish all his films and finally they can make the film. So the Superstar and lokesh pairing is expected to be Rajini's last film.

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