Ponniyin Selvan 1 by Mani Ratnam, which made over 500 crores globally, becoming the highest-grossing tamil film. The hindi version in the North bombed, while the telugu version with telugu dubbing was a flop in the telugu states. In telugu, the movie received little promotion, and the outcome was also the same. The movie's second installment will now be released on april 28. The trade anticipates that the movie would break the tamil Nadu box office records set by its first installment, but the same cannot be said for its dubbed versions.

After tamil Nadu, telugu is regarded as the second-best market for tamil movies. The telugu dubs of numerous tamil films in the past have achieved incredible box office success. In fact, Telugu-dubbed versions of even some major tamil flops helped them recoup money by performing better commercially. However, it appears that the producers of PS: 2 have no interest in entering the telugu market.

The most significant sequel in tamil, PS 2 features numerous telugu superstars like Vikram, karthi, Trisha, and aishwarya Rai. vikram and karthi can deliver in a huge way with good movies. However, there are no indications from the producers that they will promote the movie in telugu and create some buzz. PS 2 is entirely "thanda" in the telugu states, to use colloquial lingo. It's so odd that the film's producers, who need to make money from all sources in order to break even, don't even plan to market the movie in Telugu. They appear to be aware that the telugu market will be disastrous for the movie.

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