Khushbu Sundar, a representative of the bharatiya janata party (BJP), defended a tweet she sent in 2018 while a member of the congress party on Saturday. "I am not ashamed of the 'Modi' tweet posted when I was a member of the congress party," she declared. In a PTI interview, I stated, "I was merely obeying the leader and speaking the language of the party at the time. For her 2018 tweet criticising prime minister Narendra Modi, in which she stated, "...Let's change the meaning of #Modi to corruption..suits better," Khushbu had come under fire from the Congress.

Khushbu, who is currently a member of the BJP's national executive committee, defended herself by saying that she was acting on the directives of the congress party and using the language of their leader. She resisted asking the congress party to remove the tweet and questioned their "desperation" in bringing up a five-year-old post. The tweet received attention as a result of the current uproar over rahul Gandhi's exclusion from the Parliament.

Congress leaders posted the message on social media and questioned gujarat minister Purnesh Modi, who had sued rahul gandhi for libel, if he would sue Khushbu for the same offence. party leader and rajya sabha member digvijaya singh even tweeted at prime minister Narendra Modi, requesting that he encourage one of his followers called Modi to bring a complaint against Khushbu. Khushbu responded by tweeting, "I won't erase my tweet. It is accessible. They are numerous. Please make use of your free time to find some more while congress is completely idle.

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