Is that bollywood star going to get a divorce..!?

Bollywood star hero varun Dhawan-Natasha is known to have married within two years. But recently news that they are separating is going viral. His tweet became a sensation. bollywood star hero varun dhawan has been active in the industry for more than ten years. They are entertaining the audience with back-to-back movies. varun dhawan, who entered the industry with the movie 'Student of the Year', is currently busy acting in crazy projects. On the other hand, they are making noise by attending the respective movie functions as well. Fans are always entertaining in some way.
However, news related to varun dhawan has gone viral on the net. varun, who got married less than two years ago, is currently rumored to be getting a divorce. It is known that on january 24, 2021, varun dhawan married his long-time girlfriend fashion designer natasha Dalal. It has been two years and four months since their marriage. They used to make noise by attending movie functions and parties as a couple. A recent tweet by popular film critic Umair Sandhu has become a sensation. He tweeted that things are not going well between natasha Dalal and varun and they are going to separate soon. This made the news viral. On the other hand, Sandhu makes sensational comments about movie celebrities. Did he do this for publicity? Or don't know if it's true? Many netizens and fans are denying that there is no truth in this. Let's see how varun reacts to this.

It is known that varun dhawan recently made noise at the iifa2023 celebrations. On the other hand, he is also playing a lead role in the crazy series 'Citadel'. Star heroine Samantha is also acting in it. Directed by raj and DK.

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