Other sectors are finding it difficult to keep up with the prolific malayalam cinema industry, which is generating success after hit. The movie "Premalu" debuted quickly on february 9th! Large audiences were drawn to the event everywhere as its second weekend shook even harder than the first. Even in neighboring places like Telangana, theatres are full due to the positive reviews that are catching on like wildfire.
 "Premalu" has made over 40Cr in revenue in just 10 days! It's not stopping there, either; its goal is an astounding 75Cr and higher. Bramayugam by mammootty is also becoming quite popular. This year hits like Abraham Ozler and Anweshippin Kandethum were also produced in the malayalam industry. All things considered, the Mallu industry in 2024 is off to a fierce start. Hanu Man is the only blockbuster that the telugu cinema industry has witnessed.
 Only failures like Captain Miller, Ayalaan, Lal Salaam, and Siren have appeared in tamil films. bollywood has produced mediocre films such as Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljhaa Jiyaa and Fighter. In general, the malayalam industry has remained in charge up to this point in 2024. Let's see how other film industries are going to come in the coming days!

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